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Adam Clanton talks about the Texans picking #1

Adam Clanton talks about the Texans picking #1

This morning, Andy and Mike talked with Adam Clanton,a host from Sports Talk 790 in Houston. Adam discussed the Texans picking number 1 in tonight's NFL Draft and says, a trade may be their best bet

Adam Clanton: "I know that the Texans have been trying desperately to trade that pick and go back. And I can tell you this just coming from this corner, if they do that - that's probably the best thing possible.... Because this is not a team like a lot of people think in my opinion, that is 1 or 2 players away from getting back into being a contender. They need a lot more than I think the national media is aware of... They've got J.J. Watt but they've got lots of problems and Quarterback's not the only issue."

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