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School counselor shaves child's Heat-themed haircut

School counselor shaves child's Heat-themed haircut
Posted January 14th, 2014 @ 12:30pm

(Images courtesy NBC 6 South Florida)

Goofy haircuts can be briefly distracting, especially in dull junior high school setting, where even the most mindful of students are just staring down that clock on the wall, waiting for 3 PM to hit. This is why just about every school has a dress code of sorts that extends toward haircuts, even if we’re years past arguing over hair length, or Mohawks, or 1990s-styled color trends.

One thing you’d think we’d be past arguing over is the idea that shaving a logo or innocuous word into your hair would be a problem for a young student, as this staple of the late 1980s seems a little quaint in the modern era.

That apparently isn’t the case for Harns Marsh Middle School in Lehigh, Florida; and more specifically, it’s not the case for that school’s student counselor, and assistant principal. They reportedly shaved a Miami Heat tribute out of 11-year old Danny Valdes’ head without permission from his parents, after assuring the child’s stepfather (who runs a barbershop and gave the kid the haircut in anticipation of attending his first Miami Heat game) that Danny would be allowed to have his stepfather alter the haircut.

From NBC 6 in South Florida:

Valdes’ head was designed by his stepfather, who owns a barbershop, for a Miami Heat game that he attended. His head was designed with the Miami Heat logo, Miami skyline and 305 writing.

"I wanted to get my hair like that to show how proud I am of my Heat," Valdes told NBC 2.

Valdes attended the Miami Heat game during his winter break but kept the haircut when he returned to school last week.

The assistant principal then called the boy's stepfather, Arnaldo Fernadez, to notify him.

"I told her when he gets home from school I'll cut his hair and I'll make it toward their regulations," Fernandez said.

A school counselor then shaved the student’s hair with a pair of hair clippers so he could return to class, saying his stepfather said it was OK.

The 11-year-old student agreed to the haircut so he wouldn't miss class, but his stepfather said he never gave the school permission.

The school said the haircut, which featured the Heat logo, Miami skyline, and 305 local area code, was “distracting” and “gang-related.” That whole “gang-related” part is probably news to 11-year old Danny Valdes, who can be seen in a video on this page, weirdly not involved in gang activity.

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